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(Pre Order) 14" WO Ritchey–Chrétien Telescope

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Superior Optical Design:
Each telescope features a finely crafted hyperbolic primary mirror and a convex secondary mirror, both made from low thermal expansion quartz. This innovative optical design ensures exceptional field correction and clarity in celestial imaging.

High-Performance Mirrors: 
The precision-engineered mirrors, boasting a surface accuracy of 1/12th Lambda PV or better, are layered with a highly reflective dielectric coating for an astounding 99% reflectivity. This enhances the instrument's capacity to capture faint and distant cosmic objects.

Durable and Lightweight Build: 
The telescopes are constructed with a carbon fiber truss tube, combining strength with lightweight properties. This ensures stability and minimizes vibrations, crucial for high-quality astrophotography.
Advanced Light Control: The integration of computer-optimized baffles efficiently counters stray light, allowing for images that are crisp, free from glare, and rich in detail.

Versatility in Sizes: 
Catering to a range of astronomical applications, these telescopes are available in multiple sizes, making them a versatile choice for various observational and astrophotography needs.

Astrophotography Excellence:
The William Optics Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes are more than just instruments for viewing the night sky; they are gateways to capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of the universe. Designed for precision and performance, they promise to elevate the astrophotography experience for both novices and seasoned astronomers.

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