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SpaceCat 51 WIFD

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Experience the Elegance of the Universe with the William Optics Spacecat 51 WIFD Telescope

Unlock the secrets of the cosmos with the Spacecat 51 WIFD, a marvel of modern telescope design from William Optics. Cloaked in a striking space grey finish, this compact apochromatic refractor telescope blends sophisticated aesthetics with top-tier functionality, making it perfect for both amateur astronomers and expert astrophotographers. Its robust, precision-engineered optics deliver stunningly clear and vibrant images, allowing you to explore the universe with unparalleled clarity and style.

Key Features:

  • Superior Optical Quality: With its Petzval-like design and rapid f/4.9 focal ratio, the Spacecat 51 offers expansive, sharp views ideal for capturing the cosmic spectacle.
  • Solid yet Portable: Constructed from CNC-machined aluminum, it combines durability with lightweight design, ensuring portability and readiness for any celestial adventure.
  • Precision Focusing: Featuring the advanced WIFD focuser for meticulous image adjustment, enhancing your viewing and photographic experience.
  • Camera Compatibility: Fully equipped to connect with a variety of cameras and astrophotography tools, the Spacecat 51 turns the night sky into your personal canvas.

Dive into astrophotography or simply gaze at the stars; the Spacecat 51 WIFD is your stylish gateway to the wonders of the night sky.

Learn More About the WIFD Focusing System

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SpaceCat 51 WIFD
SpaceCat 51 WIFD Sale price$998.00 USD

What's in the box

SpaceCat 51

Bahtinov Cap

M48 cap

Dual Mounting Plate

Mounting Ring Handle bar

Soft Carry Case

Allen Key Set

Stuffed SpaceCat Toy


SpaceCat 51