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Pleiades 68 Astrograph

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Explore the Cosmos with the Pleiades 68 Astrograph by William Optics, the Ultimate Choice for Professional Astrophotography.

Experience unmatched clarity and precision with the Pleiades 68 - 7-Elements Imaging APO Telescope. Designed for the passionate astrophotographer, this state-of-the-art instrument is a key part of our WIFD series, crafted to deliver impeccably sharp images of the cosmos. With its rapid f/3.8 aperture and advanced optical system, the Pleiades 68 ensures stunning deep-sky captures with reduced exposure times, perfect for both seasoned astronomers and astrophotography enthusiasts.

Unique Features:

  • Precision Engineering: The advanced 7-element optical system produces sharp, vibrant images while minimizing chromatic aberration.
  • Optimized for Swift, Detailed Imaging: A generous 68mm aperture and f/3.8 focal ratio allow for detailed deep-sky imaging in shorter exposure times.
  • Adaptable to Various Imaging Systems: Comes equipped with 48mm and 54mm adapters to ensure compatibility with a broad range of CCD and DSLR cameras.
  • WIFD Series Excellence: This telescope exemplifies our commitment to superior astro-imaging gear, integrating seamlessly into the esteemed WIFD series.
Choosing Between RedCat 71 and Pleiades 68

When deciding on the ideal William Optics refractor for your astrophotography needs, it's essential to understand the key features and performance factors that differentiate the RedCat 71 APO and Pleiades 68 APO. Both telescopes offer excellent imaging capabilities, but specific characteristics make each suitable for different user preferences and skill levels.

WO Pleiades 68 Astrograph f/3.8

The Pleiades 68 boasts an advanced 7-element optical design, delivering apochromatic pinpoint stars with a fast focal ratio of f/3.8. Its 260mm focal length provides an expansive field of view and a shallow depth of field, requiring precise camera spacing for optimal focus. The recommended backfocus is precisely 55mm, and maintaining this exact spacing is crucial for peak performance. The flat field image is 48mm in diameter and includes M48 and M54 camera adapters.

The WO Internal Focus Design, compatible with an Electronic Automatic Focuser (EAF - not included), features a patented center focuser with a precision 10:1 fine adjustment knob and a built-in thermometer. The sliding dew shield with a thumbscrew lock includes a super bright Bahtinov mask within the removable dust cover. Mounting rings, a saddle handlebar, and a vixen-style doveplate are included.

The more precise spacing requirements of the Pleiades 68 cater to advanced or expert users willing to invest extra time and effort in fine-tuning the spacing based on their chosen camera options.

William Optics RedCat 71

The RedCat 71 features a unique 4-element Petzval apochromatic optical design with a fast focal ratio of f/4.9. Its 350mm focal length provides a wide field of view and more depth of field compared to the Pleiades 68. The flat field image is 45mm in diameter, and this model is more forgiving in terms of camera spacing criticality. It includes a built-in filter area threaded for a single filter, if desired.

The RedCat 71 comes with the WO Internal Focus Design (WIFD), incorporating the patented WO center focuser with precise internal sliding of fixed optics to prevent image shift. The integrated position viewing window on the focuser provides instant verification of the graduated numerical display. The smooth rack and pinion design in the focuser offer super fine adjustability for critical focus. The dew shield is a fixed position design, removable for storage, and includes a super bright Bahtinov mask within the removable dust cover. Mounting rings, a saddle handlebar, and a vixen-style doveplate are included.

The RedCat 71 stands out for its ease of use, making it an appealing choice for users looking for a user-friendly astrophotography experience.

In summary, your choice between the Pleiades 68 and RedCat 71 will depend on your level of expertise, preferences in terms of ease of use, and specific astrophotography requirements. Each telescope offers distinct advantages, catering to a range of user needs in the pursuit of stunning celestial images.

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Pleiades 68 Astrograph
Pleiades 68 Astrograph Sale price$1,998.00 USD Regular price$2,199.99 USD

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Pleiades 68

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Dual Mounting Plate

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Pleiades 68

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