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Beyond the Earth

AstroPhotography Contest                    

Welcome to the William Optics Astrophotography Contest, where the cosmos meets creativity! Our mission is twofold: to reward our loyal customers with the finest telescope products and to foster a vibrant exchange within the astronomy community.

At William Optics, we believe in celebrating the beauty of the universe while honoring those who share our passion for exploration. That's why this competition isn't just about capturing stunning celestial images—it's about connecting enthusiasts, sharing knowledge, and inspiring one another to reach for the stars.

Through this contest, we aim to showcase the incredible talents of astrophotographers worldwide and to provide a platform for enthusiasts to learn from each other, exchange ideas, and forge lasting connections. So, whether you're a seasoned stargazer or a budding astronomer, join us in this celestial journey as we celebrate the wonders of the universe and the spirit of community.



Telescope Requirement:
Participation is open exclusively to images captured with a William Optics telescope.

Photograph Time Frame:
Eligible photographs must have been taken between December 2023 and December 30, 2024.

Submission Deadline:
Please ensure that we receive the images by December 30, 2024.

Submission Limit:
Each person can submit up to two astrophotography works. Please submit one form for each artwork.


Entrants must submit two photos in total:
✔ An Astro Photograph: These should be your contest entries featuring celestial objects or astronomical events.
✔ A Gear Setup Photograph: Proudly display your William Optics setup. Capture its elegance and allure!

Photo Format and Size:
All photographs must be submitted in JPG format with a maximum file size of 25MB each.

Rights to Use Images:
By participating in this contest, entrants agree that William Optics has the right to post and use the submitted images on the William Optics website and for other promotional purposes.

Hosted by:
The contest is proudly presented by William Optics, your celestial gateway!


🏆 First Prize:
FLT 120 Telescope – Experience unparalleled clarity with our flagship telescope.

🏆 Second Prize:
FLT 91 Telescope – Venture further into the cosmos and discover the extraordinary.

🏆 Third Prize:
GT81 Telescope – Seize the celestial grandeur of the night sky.

🏆 Fourth Prize:
GT71 Telescope – The ideal companion for capturing expansive astroscapes.

🏆 Fifth Prize:
Redcat51 Telescope – Perfect for wide-field astrophotography that takes your breath away.

Embark on an unparalleled cosmic journey. We eagerly await your submissions with great anticipation!


Please fill out the following information for each astro photograph: