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RedCat 71 WIFD

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Discover the Cosmos with the William Optics Cat71 WIFD Telescope

Step up your stargazing game with the William Optics Cat71 WIFD, a superior apochromatic refractor telescope designed for those who demand more from their astronomical pursuits. Building on the foundation of the Redcat series, the Cat71 WIFD offers a larger aperture to enhance your viewing experience, capturing more light and revealing the finer details of the universe with astonishing clarity.


  • Enhanced Optical Performance: The Cat71 WIFD features a larger aperture paired with a Petzval-like design and a swift f/4.9 focal ratio. This upgrade not only extends your field of view but also intensifies image brightness and detail, making it ideal for both deep sky observations and sophisticated astrophotography.
  • Robust and Portable Design: Crafted from precision CNC-machined aluminum, this telescope guarantees durability while maintaining portability. Its larger size captures more light without compromising on ease of transportation, making it perfect for adventurers who explore far beyond their backyard.
  • Precision Focusing System: Equipped with the advanced WIFD focuser, the Cat71 WIFD allows for meticulous focus adjustments, ensuring unparalleled image sharpness and enhancing both visual and photographic outputs.
  • Adaptable Camera Integration: Ready to accommodate a diverse range of cameras and astrophotography gear, the Cat71 WIFD stands as a versatile choice for capturing expansive celestial phenomena.

For avid stargazers and astrophotographers looking to push the boundaries of their celestial explorations, the Cat71 WIFD opens up a new realm of possibilities. Experience the cosmos like never before with a telescope that brings the stars closer to you.

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RedCat 71 WIFD
RedCat 71 WIFD Sale price$1,798.00 USD

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RedCat 71 WIFD

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RedCat 71 WIFD