Zenithstar 73 APO

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NOTE: 2" Rotolock and Guide scope showed on pictures are optional accessories.

ZenithStar 73 f=430mm
F/5.9 FPL53 doublet APO

Retracted Length:310mm
Weight :2.5kg (5.5lb.)
2.5” R&P Focuser

OTA Package includes:


Mounting rings

Guiding rings

Vixen style Dovetail

Optional accessories:

Soft carry case $39

Flat73 1:1 Full frame flattener

2” Rotolock with M63 threads

50mm F/4 Rotolock Guiding scope

48mm T mount for Nikon or Canon

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Heart & Soul Nebula

NGC2244, Rosette Nebula

M42 & Horsehead

California Nebula

Blue Chicken 1

Taiwan Drunk Monkey

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