All New Zenithstar 73 APO

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2019 All New Zenithstar 73 APO

Zenithstar 73 is a greatly versatile and portable refractor telescope for beginners and veterans alike. Designed for both astrophotography and wildlife photography, high power visual observing through the Zenithstar 73 is also hugely satisfying. The image is crisp, sharp and colour aberration free thanks to the use of top quality glass — FPL53, closely matching the legendary fluorite material. The 43mm image circle when Flat73 is used covers full frame size sensor nicely. 

ZenithStar 73 f=430mm
F/5.9 FPL53 doublet APO

Retracted Length:390mm
Weight :2.83kg
2.5” R&P Focuser

Package includes:

‧ Z73 APO

 Innovative Bahtinov Mask

‧ Mounting rings

Vixen style Dovetail


Optional accessories:

‧ Guiding rings

‧ Soft carry case 

Flat73 1:1 Full frame flattener 

2” Rotolock with M63 threads

50mm F/4 Rotolock Guiding scope 

48mm T mount for Nikon or Canon

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