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SCT 1.25 inch Rotolock Visual Back

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William Optics SCT 1.25" RotoLock adapter

-New William Optics 1.25"SCT Rotolock eyepiece adapter/visual back (with SCT thread).

-This WO adapter has an SCT thread on one side, and a standard 1.25” Rotolock visual back on the other side.

-Just rotate the adapter ring clockwise to lock any inserted accessory, or counter-clockwise to release the accessory. Innovative design ensures that you get a very solid hold and the accessory is perfectly centered every time. No thumbscrews to worry about! The internal ball bearings and detents make this adapter a joy to use. 

Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes 

-Owners of all popular SCTs will find WO 1.25” SCT Rotolock Directly mounts to the SCT male threads on all popular 5",9.25",11" and 14" SCTs (Celestron & Meade).

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