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All New 50mm Guiding Scope

Support QHY, SBIG, large ZWO and other 1.25" cylinder type Guiding Cameras

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Order now!! All new, a unique, RotoLock high-quality fully multi coated WO 50mm f/4 Guiding scope that fits perfectly on your William Optics and other telescopes.
The tube diameter is 54mm and dew shiled of 58mm.

• Guiding scope gives sharpest image and straight through viewing with an inverted image.
• High-quality 50 mm objective.
• 5.7 deg field of view.

Nice Fit & Finish
• White Powder painted with 1.25" color RotoLock.

•Perfectly suited for William Optics or other refractor.

•Guide Scope Weight: 460g

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