Flat6A for GT71 (discontinued)

This item is discontinued. A new Model is coming soon Flat 6A II. Write us an email if you have any question.
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Flat6A for GT71 (T-mount not included)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Field flattener /X0.8 Reducer for GT71. 

This very elegant 2" reducer/field flattener has been designed to optimize the flat-field imaging performance of William Optics F/6 ratio refractors. WO Flat 6A will provide good illumination and flat field across APS sized sensors and smaller.

Special SCT adapter is available to attach it to SCT thread on ZS66 telescopes.

APS size 
• Designed with APS chip-size DSLR cameras in mind. 
• FMC doublet design.
• Produced entirely with the best Ohara optical glasses. 

• Reducing factor 0.8X.
• It will flatten the field amazingly well and finally make you see those stars round! Differently from other brands' refractors, this flattener works amazingly well with the popular 66-80mm F/6 refractors. 

Superb Finish
• William Optics polished anodized finish.
•All internal surfaces threaded and blackened to prevent reflections.

Easy to Use 
• Rotating T-ring thread for any 35mm camera. 
• Will accept any standard T-ring for your camera.
• SCT adapter available (optional) for ZS66.

Suitable for
• Z71, GT71, GT81,GT102.



High-quality FMC
Lens-to-chip suggested distance: 65.8±1mm for F/6 APO
Reducing factor 0.8x
Rotating T-ring adapter
SCT adapter available (optional, can be purchased separately)
Weight : 165g
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