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2017 William Optics 2”SCT Victory edition focuser (discontinued)

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All NEW 2017 William Optics 2”SCT Victory edition focuser for serious astronomers and astrophotographers !!!

Designed to last a lifetime and work with virtually any standard SCT/MC telescopes (2"x24UNC and 3.28"x16UNC threads adapter included).

You too can enjoy buttery smooth focusing with zero image-shift during your most critical observations/imaging.

Buttery Smooth
• Crayford design: zero image-shift and focusing made easy!
• diamond-coated drive system: very smooth, no lateral movement or tilting. 
• Chromed, soft thumbscrews, easy to use even with gloves on.

• 1:10 stainless steel dual speed microfocuser, particularly appreciated during astrophotography.

Adjustable Tension
• Drawtube tension adjustable to match varying accessories. 
• Sturdily built. Load capacity up to 6 kg (13 lbs) with no slipping!!!
• Drawtube locking screw.

• Drawtube travel length: 30mm

• Will fit almost any SCT/Maksutov telescope from 5" to 14" aperture.


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